THE CONCH SHELL OF DOOM Release Day! Random Acts of Silliness! by Ryan Hill


It's here It's here IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!! 

The book with quite possibly the most RANDOM and SILLY title in this history of the written word is here!!!!! 

Witness the Awakening. Witness the tomfoolery. Witness the ridiculous that is... THE CONCH SHELL OF DOOM. Buy it here, won't you?

Not only that, but there's a contest going to win free stuff like signed books or a $20 Amazon gift card! Seriously. May 24, 2016, should just be called the gift that keeps on giving at this point. 

Contest ends June 3, 2016

  • One winner will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card and a signed copy of The Conch Shell of Doom by Ryan Hill
  • One winner will receive a signed copy of The Conch Shell of Doom by Ryan Hill
  • One winner will receive a signed copy of The Book of Bart by Ryan Hill
  • One winner will receive a signed copy of Dead New World by Ryan Hill

Time to announce the RANDOM ACTS OF SILLINESS winners!

Now, some of the suggestions I got were a bit much, or borderline iffy/legal. There were also a few ideas that required women's clothing. Regardless, everyone who entered a suggestion gets a FREE CONCH SHELL OF DOOM EBOOK! If you entered via, please contact me with your email so I can send you the ebook. As for the winners, YOU GET A FREE BOOK! YOU GET A FREE BOOK! AND YOU GET A FREE BOOK! (free signed paperback, that is). If you all could get me your mailing info, I'll get those books out to you as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone who suggested a Random Act of Silliness!

Rank: 75,000

Act: Write an ode to my fans and leave it on my website. Barbara also suggested a dramatic reading of Magic Mike, but I had to be wearing a tutu. I'm not made of money you all! :)

Winner: barbara.hopkins39@*****.com

Rank: 50,000

Act: Do the "Time Warp"

Winner: Danielle from

Rank: 25,000

Act: Dye my hair

Winners: vampyrelady6606@*****.com, calden40@***.com 

Rank: 10,000

Act: Dance with a stranger

Winner: mq3377@***.com

Rank: 5,000

Act: Paint my body in either the cover or a character

Winner: doveknoll@*****.com

Rank: 1,000

Act: Cover myself in oatmeal and yogurt, then run around screaming about my book

Winner: majikalone@******.com

Rank: 100

Act: Create a Minecraft-inspired costume and wear it in public for 30 minutes.

Winner: Ginger from

Rank: No. 1 in any sub-category

Act: Dance to "Ring my Bell" in '70s garb, i.e. whatever is left of my Dad's wardrobe from that era ;)

Winner: artemis.lynn1966@*****.com

Update: What's Ryan Working On? (When He's Working) by Ryan Hill


Hey all!

Very excited to announce that I've submitted final edits of my zombie novel DEAD NEW WORLD to my publisher, Curiosity Quills. It's coming out on Oct. 13, and be on the lookout for a Goodreads giveaway (or two) before then!

I also finalized edits on SONG OF SAM, a short prequel leading up to the events in THE BOOK OF BART. It will be available as a free download on Amazon, so be on the lookout in the next few weeks for that.

With edits out of the way, that leaves me in the writing phase of, well, everything. Fortunately, the next, oh, five years are pretty much set in stone, unless I'm inspired to write something else, in which case it isn't set in stone. Or maybe it is. Or maybe I won't write any of these. Who knows with me.


On top of SONG OF SAM, I'm currently writing Bart 2, which is tentatively titled BART OF DARKNESS. There's not set number of books in this series, and it can go on for as long as I wish. Or as long as people want to read it. Or the publisher is willing to put it out. It's all subjective, really. Regardless, I'm writing BART OF DARKNESS right now.


DEAD NEW WORLD is the first in what will (hopefully) be a trilogy of terror, with DARK NEW WORLD and THE NEW WORLD coming. Your guess is as good as mine as to when these will be written, but they will be written, provided I feel like it and people are interested.


This is the book I recently submitted to my publisher. It's sort of a paranormal GOONIES. I'd like to write at least one more in this world, which will be called GRAVEYARD OF THE ATLANTIC. Or GRAYBEARD TAKES A WIFE. 


I have some short stories I want to write, and I also have what I consider to be my 1984 in the works as well, and may be my next after BART OF DARKNESS. We'll see. I'm also working on writing a script for Krystal Wade's excellent novel CHARMING. 

That's all, really, as that will probably take me into my forties (sigh) to write. Regardless, lots of stuff in the pipeline here in my world!