Ask a Demon! / by Ryan Hill


Ah, Wednesday. The Day of Wodin. Named for the Norse God Odin, aka this greased up peanut head:

What a tool. He doesn't even have real horns! It's a disgrace!

On a more serious note, it's undeniable that helmet screams, "I wish I was Transformer!" 

A metal eye patch? Really? Did all the other Norse Gods pick on Odin for having a glass eye, so one day he decided to glue some metal patch over the empty eye cavity? LAME.

And that staff? Somebody is overcompensating for being a lame Norse God.

How did Odin get a day named after him? I should have a day named after me. Neigh, a week! A month! A year! ALL MEASUREMENTS OF TIME SHOULD BE NAMED AFTER ME REGARDLESS OF THE CONFUSION IT WOULD CAUSE THE WORLD. Period.

On to the questions!

Josh from Buzz City asks:

I'm in love with my best friend. How do I get her to notice me as more than just her "buddy?"

If you were a girl, I'd say invite her over for a sleepover. Sleep in the same bed. "Make a move," as they say in "the biz." Although in the adult entertainment industry, the staying would be, "make a movie."

There are lots of things you can do to get a girl's attention. Run around naked, while screaming and waving your arms. Tattoo her name across your forehead, complete with little hearts and fairies in between the letters. Write her a letter professing your love, then tie it to a big rock and throw it through her car's windshield. 

Here are some other suggestions, but bear in mind the authorities - or worse, her dad - may misinterpret the gesture as criminal, so buyer beware:

  • Stand outside of her window wearing a mask and holding a knife until she notices
  • Set her house on fire
  • Drug her, take her to Vegas, then marry her. This way, she's locked in!

I asked Samantha for her two cents.

"Be honest with her. Tell her how you truly feel. If she feels the same, ask her out on a date. You could al-"

And no more comments from Sam. What horrible advice! Tell the girl how you feel. Ha!

Sam is nagging me to mention something about the movie Say Anything and a boom box? I don't know. She's been on this weird John Cusack kick lately. It's disturbing.

Ratchet 'N Dank asks:

Bart. I'm stuck. I'm not sure if I should study engineering in college like my dad wants or if I should try to become an actor, which is what I want. Any ideas on how to decide?

Easy. Do you prefer men in tights or men with pocket protectors?

Until next time...

Bartholomew signing off

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